SymbolWorld Contents

Symbolworld is designed to have a wide range of information, with content for all ages. We try to keep most of the content fairly short and simple. The content is divided into main and sub categories.

If there is anything you wish to see on the site, then please contact us.

SymbolWorld is updated throughout the month, so keep checking back to see what's new. You can sign up to our mailing list to get notifications about the latest articles.

Navigating the website

You can access the main categories from the home page, or navigation panel.

Categories are indicated by a folder icon. Click on the folder to view the sub categories, if there are any or click on the article buttons (which just contain a symbol that represents the subject). 

Each main category has a different colour background. This is to help the reader identify where they are in the site.

On a category page the articles will be ordered by date, with the newest first. You can reorder the articles to be listed in alphabetical order, by selecting 'Title', or by rating, by selecting 'Star rating', which can be found at the bottom of every category page.

Latest Articles

To view the all the latest articles on SymbolWorld, go to the 'Latest articles' link on the home page, or navigation panel.

Navigating Articles

At the top of every article there are navigation buttons. If you are in scrolling view, the navigation button will take you back to the previous category. If you are in page view, the navigations buttons will take through the articles.

See Changing the look and feel for more information.


You can search the content on SymbolWorld from the search box in the navigation panel. The search results will list the article and its main and sub category. There will also be alternative spelling suggestions at the top of the search results.