Extra Features

Print Friendly PDFs

At the bottom of every article is a ‘Print Friendly’ button. When you click this button it will create a print friendly PDF of the entire article. Even if you are in ‘page view’ the PDF will contain the whole article. You can print and save this PDF from within your browser.

You must be logged-in to access this functionality.

Switch Access and Tabbed Browsing

All links have  visual highlights to make the site more accessible for people using switches or who use Tab to browse. A coloured border will show you where the focus is on the page as you tab though. 


Speech is currently not available on SymbolWorld. We are working to try and add speech support as soon as possible. To receive notifications on when this and other features are available, please join our mailing list.

Article Ratings

Every article has a 0 to 5 star rating. This allows readers to see what stories are popular. Ratings are shown in each article page with coloured stars. There is also an average star rating number.

To rate an article you need to be logged-in. This is so readers cannot rate multiple times to bump up an article. To rate an article, simply click on the stars at the bottom of the page.
You can see which articles are popular within a category by sorting the page by ‘stars’.

If you have enjoyed reading an article, please rate it. This will benefit other SymbolWorld readers. 

Original SymbolWorld

Much of the content of the original SymbolWorld has been added to the new site. But if you wish to view the old site, you can access this from the ‘Original SymbolWorld’ link in the page footer.