Changing the look and feel

Every reader has different needs. We have tried to support as many people as possible by allowing readers to change the look and feel of SymbolWorld.

If you have any difficulties with the site and accessibility issues please contact us and we will do our best to help.

Scrolling / page view

You can change between scroll view and page view by clicking these icons in the top menu bar.
Scroll view makes each article fit onto one screen. The reader will need to scroll as they read. Scroll view also sets the menu pages to have longer lists of articles.

Page View separates articles out into multiple pages, with a maximum of 4 lines per page. Users who find scrolling difficult can use this view to make navigating articles easier. If you are using page view you may also want to turn the navigation panel off. Page view also sets the menu pages to have a maximum of eight large buttons per screen.

Navigation Panel

You can turn the navigation panel off and on with the show / hide navigation buttons in the top menu.
The navigation panel shows you all the categories and sub-categories in SymbolWorld. This is an easy way to quickly navigate the site.

You may wish to turn this panel off if it is distracting or if you want to make sure pages do not scroll.

User style settings: colours and size

To access the style option, click on the settings icon in the top menu. You can view SymbolWorld in different colours and sizes. There are three choices for colour styles.

Standard: black text on white
Dyslexia: black text on cream
High Visibility: yellow text on black

There are also four different sizes to choose from. When the size is changed, the text, symbols and all layout change. These sizes have been designed so that the main symbol content fits within a specific screen resolution. You may need to turn the navigation panel off to ensure that the pages do not scroll.

Small: resolution 800 x 600 (NB: in this size the Navigation panel is always off)
Medium: resolution 1024 x 768
Large: resolution 1280 x 1024
Very Large: resolution 1440 x 900 (widescreen)

Remembering your style settings

Once you have changed any of the style settings, these choices will remain in that computer. If you want to save these settings to use on another computer you can make an account. Saving these settings with your account will use your choice of look and feel every time you log-into the site. See ‘SymbolWorld accounts’ for more information.