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Widgit Software
Widgit are the creators of Symbolworld and the Widgit Symbols

Communicate: In Print 2

Communicate: SymWriter


SymbolWorld is a website created by Widgit Software, dedicated to people who use symbols. It has material for all ages and includes personal contributions, stories and learning materials. eLive is an on-line magazine within SymbolWorld especially for older readers.

SymbolWorld is designed to have clear easy navigation with large buttons for any links.

Creating your own symbol materials

The information on SymbolWorld is supported by the Widgit Symbols

Paper based symbol materials can be made using Communicate: In Print 2.

Widgit also publish tools for adding symbols to your own website, see Point and Insite from Widgit-online

Speaking Symbolworld

Symbolworld uses the Browsealoud speech engine. This is a free download.
Download Browsealoud for Free then hover over the symbols.


About SymbolWorld 
Site map - with descriptions of each story
Introduction - outlining the main sections
Using the site - description of the navigation etc.


The most important feature of the site is that the content comes from YOU.

Send us your student's stories, news, bits and bobs, and they will see their names in print. You can send it as Communicate: In Print 2 files, PDF documents, word documents or just as print-outs.

Click here for the pdf submissions form to accompany
contributions to SymbolWorld - Form.pdf

Please send them to cate at [email protected] Or by post to Cate Detheridge, Widgit Software, 26 Queen St, Cubington, Leamington Spa, CV32 7NA


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